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eParks is the online store of America’s National Parks. eParks is an integral part of Eastern National, whose mission is to “promote the public’s understanding and support of America’s National Parks and other public trust partners by providing quality educational experiences, products and services.”

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Eastern National Management

Principal Office Management

  • George Minnucci (President)
  • Rick Creighton (Director of Retail Operations)
  • Jack Ryan (Director of Administration)
  • Hank Schmoyer (IT Manager)
  • Heidi White (Controller)
  • Patricia Davis (Product Sourcing & Development Manager)
  • Daniel Doyle (Senior Accountant)
  • David Holt (Production Manager)
  • Kevin Kissling (Operations Support Manager)
  • Peter Milovcich (Point of Sale Manager)
  • Karen Peters (Merchandising & Store Design Manager)

Regional Management

  • Ethel Austin (Vicksburg)
  • Kevin Bates (Coastal Southeast)
  • Becky Burke (Southeast)
  • Monta Harrington (Metro Mid-Atlantic)
  • Anne Harris (Virginia)
  • Rulaine Kegerreis (Coastal Mid-Atlantic)
  • Betsie Lind (New England)
  • Stacy Madalena (National Capital)
  • Cathy Nagle-Ervin (Great Lakes)
  • Zoraida Rosa (Caribbean)
  • Karen Searle (Blue Ridge)
  • Kalia Vincent (Midwest)
  • Dave Wagner (Western Pennsylvania)